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Welcome in the house of Rupali Instruments Corporation

Welcome to the thirving world of Rupali instruments Corporation.(RICO) is universally recognised and have a distinguished name in the feild of laboratory instruments, scientific, educational, school lab, practical lab instruments as student Microscopes, Human Anatomy, Zoology And Biological Models, Skeltons, Math Lab inst, Pharmacy lab, Analytical Lab, Teaching Aids, Audio Visual products, Lab glassware, Lab Plasticware, Microtome, Charts & Biology Specimens. Rupali is the one stop destination offering the best to our cleints. Company has carved a niche for itself in Science lab product Research lab products, ITI lab, politechnic Lab, Goegraphic Lab producs Worldwise..

The mainly products include : All Types of Microscopes as Student Microscopes, Pathological Microscopes, Stereoscopic Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Tool Maker's Microscopes, Profile Projectors, Overhead Projector, Slide Projectors, Microtome, Vernier Microscopes, Spectrometer, Polarimeter & a number of pharmacology Instruments. Moreover and other Scientific instruments including Human Anotomy Models, Skeltons, Laboratory Glassware, Lab Plastiware, Lab Analytical Instruments, Pharmacy Lab Instruments.Microtomes, Visual aids products Physics, chemisty & Biology Equipments, Astronomical Telescope and all types of scientific & Educational instruments. our export markets as below