A) Deluxe pH Meter:

with automatic temperature compensation, combination pH electrode and RTD probe. 3½ digital LED display. Useful for pH and Redox potential measurement (Table Model).

Portable pH Meter:

‘Handy’ 3½ digit LCD display with in ABS plastic body, touch switches with combination pH electrode

Digital Photo Colorimeter

8 Filters mains operated with optical density in 2½ digit LED display, 1ml solution measurement.

Analog Filter Photo Colorimeter

5 Filters mains operated with optical density and %age transmission, 1ml solution measurement.

Digital Conductivity Meter

3½ digit LCD display, battery operated

Deluxe Water and Soil Analysis Kit

3½ digit LCD display covering 7 parameters: pH, conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature with rechargeable battery complete with accessories, fitted in briefcase