Dissecting Microscope

Cat. No. 8001

Having a stable round shaped base with joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lens over the full area of the stage. The microscope can be focussed by a smooth rack pinion system and light adjustment through a reflecting mirror. Supplied with 10x and 20x eyepieces.

Student Microscope

Cat. No. 8015

With triple revolving nosepiece, tube length 160mm with coarse & fine motion knobs, fitted with iris diaphragm & stopper for slide safety. All parts are of aluminium die-casting and oven painted. Packed in Thermocol packing with vinyl cover Ach. Objectives : 10x & 40x

Medical Microscope

Cat. No. 8020

Pressure Die-Cast interchangeable components with robust & sturdy construction.
Separate Coarse & graduated Fine Motion with sensitivity of 0.002 mm.

Medical Inclined Microscope

Cat. No. 8025

Same as , Cat. No. 8020 but fitted with 360° rotatable INCLINED TUBE instead of straight one. Microscope lamp (Substage Pin Type) directly workable on 220 V, AC along with Plano Concave reflector is also supplied.

Projection Microscope

Cat. No. 8030

The projection of micro slides can be observed by a group of students on a round screen of 100mm diameter. Microscope is equipped with triple revolving nosepiece, coarse & fine motion knobs. Bulb Halogen 6V-20W. Built-in base solid state, variable transformer. Complete in carrying case.
Ach. Objectives : 10x & 45x SL
Huy. Eyepieces : 10x & 15x

Advanced Projection Microscope

Cat. No. 8035

(For Yarn & Research Centre) With 160mm graduated revolving screen workable on 220Volts A.C. mains Magnification Range: 10X to 100X with yarn comparison attachment, suitable for textile industries and research centre.
Doom Size: Square 6” , 8”


Cat. No. 8040

Magnification: 25x-1500x
Observation: Monocular Rotate able At 360 Deg.
Stand: Inclinated At 45 Deg. Body With Large Base Very Rigid.
Illumination: Built in Base With Variable Control Knob Is Provided Out Side Through Solid State
Model & Reflector Attachment For Daylight Working


Cat. No. 8080

Same As Model No. 8050. With ball bearing quadruple nosepiece having positive click stops, coarse motion with universal locking device, sub-stage Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder, built-in co-axial mechanical stage, both sides graduated for slide manipulation with Binocular Head (assembled from coated prisms). Coaxial Body

Student Stereo Microscope with Inclined Bino Head (W/o Light)

Cat. No. 8097

Flat sharp Image Erect and Unreserved, wide field eye pieces. Parafocal from high to low power quick changing paired interchangeable sliding motion.

Advanced Stereo Microscope

Cat. No. 8098

Feature Highlights:Binocular head inclined at 45 degree, rotate through 360 degree Paired 10x wide field eye piece Choice of objectives, combination of either 2x and 4x or 3x and 5x (Choice is yours) paired mounted on revolving turret,

Phase Contrast

With ball bearing quadruple revolving nosepiece having positive click stops, coarse motion with locking device, built-in co-axial mechanical stage, Binocular Head & straight tube for photomicrography, Imported Phase Contrast Equipment having following optical combination.