Abel's Flash Point Apparatus

Product Code: RICO 9700

This method determines the closed cup flash points of petroleum products and mixtures to ascertain whether they give off inflammable vapour below 73°F or 49°C.

Bomb Calorimeter

Product Code: Rico 9701

We offer bomb calorimeter apparatus, which are used for determination of combustion of heat and of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material.

Cleveland Flash Point Apparatus

Product Code: RICO 9702

This apparatus is used for determination of flash and fire pt. of petroleum products except fuel oils and those having an open cup flash below 79oC.

Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus

Product Code: RICO 9703

This method describe procedures for the detection of the corrosiveness to copper of aeration gasoline, aviation furnace fuel, automotive gasoline, farm tractor, fuel dealers (standard) solvent diesel fuel, oil (distillate), and certain other petroleum products.

Kinematic Viscometer Bath

Product Code: RICO 9704

Our wide range of kinematic viscometer bath are used for measuring of viscosity of petroleum and petroleum products & in research departments and calibrations. These are durable and gives efficient performance.

Pensky Martens Apparatus

Product Code: RICO 9705

This method is intended for the determination of the open flash point and fire point of petroleum products except when the clean and open cup is specified.