Clinical Centrifuge

Product Code: RICO 1010

Electrically oprated,dome type with resilliently mounted motor with 5 speed regulator and non- removeable swing out otor with tube carrier maximum speed 3500 rpm.

Centrifuge Angle Rotor Head (Doctor Pattern)

Product Code: RICO 1011

Standerd specification,maximum speed 4000 to 5000 rpm with speed regulator.

Centrifuge Rectangular (Research)

Product Code: RICO 1012

Deluxe model,rectangular body with see through acryclic to cover, maximum speed 4000 rpm with speed regulator and time switch.


Product Code: RICO 1013

Audio Frequency Function Generator1Hz to 200khz. Wave Shapes : Sine, Squares & Triangular waves selectable using band switch


Product Code: RICO 1014

Suitable of general laboratory use as well as for field sterilization of instruments and dressings etc. dome shaped S.S.lid is provided which seals the autoclave with neoprene joint less gasket

OIL BATH (High temperature)

Product Code: RICO 1016

Double wall construction. Inner chamber made of highly polished stainless steel or copper sheet and outer made of mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel. Temperature range 50oC to 250oC + 2oC is controlled by a thermostat.


Product Code: RICO 1017

Designed for low temperature incubation and routine determination of Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.). Double wall construction. Inner chamber made of richly anodized aluminium or highly polished stainless steel sheet with self supports for wide rangeofshelfspacing.

HOT AIR OVENS (Memert type)

Product Code: RICO 1018

Standard double wall fabrication. Inner chamber made of richly anodized aluminum or highly polished stainless steel sheet. Exterior fabricated out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in stove enamel off-white paint or paste mat finish colour combinations.

Laminar Air Flow

Product Code: RICO 1019

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets provides a class 100 air flow in the work area for operations where products is of utmost importance. The unrestricted open front work area allows the use of equipment under biologically clean conditions.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow

Product Code: RICO 1020

Our vertical laminar air flow has vertical direction flow and particle retention above 0.5 micron. These are appreciated for their low noise and versatile usage.

Laminar Air Flow Chamber

Product Code: RICO 1021

Our GMP model, laminar air flow chambers are available in Vertical as well as Horizontal Models and used where high-tech manufacturing and assembly takes place and thus widely found in semiconductor assembly, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, medical devices.

Bacterogical Incubator

Product Code: RICO 1022

Our range of laboratory bacteriological incubators are available in different size from 35 Liters to 1000 Liters. These laboratory bacteriological incubators are based on latest Technology & are available in compact.

Heating Mantle

Product Code: RICO 1023

Water bath

Product Code: RICO 1024

Single walled. Made of stainless steel sheet. Top of the bath & concentric rings are chrome plated. Heating elements have an automatic cut off device when the bath gets dry. a. 6 holes of 7.5 cm dia each. b. 12 holes of 7.5 cm dia each

Serological Water Bath

Product Code: RICO 1025

These units are double walled with inner chamber made up of S.S. sheet (SS-304 grade) and outside of M.S. duly enamel painted. The gap between the walls is filled with special grade glass wool in order to avoid thermal losses. A drain plug is also fitted to the unit.

Blood cell counter

Product Code: RICO 1026

For blood cell counting and simple computations, including percentage. Each unit counts up to 999 and last unit totalizes the different cells. A bell automatically sounds at every hundred has 5 keys and totalizer with dual knob on both ends to facilitIes easy resetting.

Rotary Microtome

Product Code: RICO 1027

According to the demands of the vast numbers of consumers, these microtomes are notably improved in outward appearance and precision on the basis of microtome model YD-202. As third generation products, these microtomes provide a high quality and inexpensive method for counting.

Microtome Spencer Type

Product Code: RICO 1028

Senior precision Microtome Spencer Type and is the most advanced sectioning equipment for medical colleges, universities, research laboratories, hospitals and educational institutions. The internal mechanism and knife holder rest on a heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof.

Lab Polarimeter

Product Code: RICO 1029

Laboratory Polarimeter offered by us is a true exhibition of technology combined with technical expertise of our engineers. Sensitive rotation of the instrument has been specially designed to aid in accurate measurement and is tested to deliver reliable performance for a long tme


Product Code: RICO 1030

We bring forth Abbe Refractometer that is specially designed for quick & convenient measurement of refractive index and also dispersion of liquids and solids.

Blood Cell Counter

Product Code: RICO 1031

Stands for Six ESR Tubes.

E.S.R Stand

Product Code: RICO 1032

Stands for Six ESR Tubes.


Product Code: RICO 1033

Micropipettes are very accurate and precise pieces of equipment for measuring and dispensing liquids.