Physical Balances

Cat. No. 9005

For general use in schools and colleges, simple in character and smooth in handling. It can stand the stress and strain of rough handling. Fitted in wooden case having glass windows. A very useful and economically priced product. Capacity of 250gm and sensitivity of 2mg approx.

Balance Compression

Cat. No. 9010

Highly accurate & sensitive, manufactured as per international standard, wide view dials, large scoop parts & fitted with antirust protected parts.

Lever Balance

Cat. No. 9020

These balances are designed to fill the long felt need for an inexpensive and robust single pan balance of modest size which will give consistent and rapid readings with accuracy well within the scale reading Lever Arm Balance Cap. 0- 250gm / 1kg.

Spring Balance

Cat. No. 9025

Rectangular, polystyrene body with large, easily read flat scales, zero adjustable. Cap.: 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm

Spring balance Transparent

Cat. No. 9035

Colour coded spring balances for both force & mass measurement. Each has zero adjustment and calibration in newtons and grams with beveled top for inclined plane use. Cap.: 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm

Balance Electronic

Cat. No. 9050

Accurate, precise and designed with simplicity in mind. The clear wide-angle displays are easy to read and the sealed keyboards are immune to dirt and liquid. These features combine to provide a reliable, efficient high quality balance of outstanding value.0.1gm to 500gm

Balance Platform

Cat. No. 9055

Platform-type scale, calibrated 125x0.5 kg. With zero adjustment and magnifier over scale opening. Accurate, sensitive and portable.

Balance ( Double Beam)

Cat. No. 9060

Two pan balance for accurate and rapid weighing up to 2 kg when used with supplementary masses. The balance has a cast alloy base and features angled beams with center reading poises, magnetic damping, spring loaded zero adjust compensator, precision ground knives and cross braced aluminum alloy beam.

Balance (Triple Beam)

Cat. No. 9065

Single Pan, low from beam balance that can weigh upto 2610gm when used with supplementary masses. The balance has three notched weighing beams with center indicating sliding masses, giving total weighing capacity of 610gm.

Balance Weight Analytical

Cat. No. 9095

Most accurate, most carefully tested and adjusted on most sensitive balance, packed in nicely polished wooden box.
Cap. 1 to 100Gm, 1 to 200Gm

Slotted Masses Brass

Cat. No. 9098

Made of brass, the design of the slots ensures that the masses may be easily removed and replaced but will not fall off accidentally. Having 1 hanger and 9 slotted masses in each set.
Cap.: 100gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1000gm